OIS Director/Principal: Masato Chinen

What is education for? Why do we have to study? It is simply because we live in a social organization called family, community, country, and our world. All subjects are not taught vertically in isolation. Being a part of society, we have been affected by it directly or indirectly. Instead they are interconnected and thus taught in an interdisciplinary approach.
Thus, they are learning such major subjects as Science, Math, and Social Studies in high academic level.
At the same time, we have been giving an impact on our society. Since we are given a valuable chance of life, we need to grow as a person who can give a lot of positive influence on society. From the very moment we start learning, we keep learning, not for examination but to give positive impact on the world we live in, and continue to grow day by day. When we go into the world after graduation from school, it is important to become an indispensable human resource who can think critically, who care for others, and who do things while engaging in meaningful communication.

In July 2011, Okinawa International School (OIS) was authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for the first time in Okinawa as one of the 20 accredited IB schools in Japan. Under IB education, the students of OIS have a good understanding of what and why they are inquiring every day. Okinawa International School has made a bold education reform for the benefit of students and society.

OIS Vice Principal: Marilyn Balanga Tinio

It is an honor to be appointed as the new principal of Okinawa International School and I thank everyone for the trust and support you have given me all through the years that I have been at OIS. Service, devotion and collaboration to continue quality education at OIS are my utmost commitment pledge as I assume this office. Working collaboratively with excellent faculty and staff, administrators, parents and students is always challenging and a wonderful experience I look forward to.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Mrs. Marilyn Balanga Tinio, born in Philippines. During my 21 years in education, I have worked as an Elementary teacher both in private and international institutions, primary and intermediate team leader, coordinator, Math and Young Scientist trainer. Most recently, I served as a Mathematics chairperson and vice-principal at Okinawa International School. I took my masteral units at Saint Francis of Assisi College System and Dela Salle- Dasmarinas Cavite major in Educational Management.

Witnessing how children grow and progress in their skills, how they curiously inquire to acquire new knowledge and have better understanding of things and what is happening around them, inspire me to continue providing holistic educational opportunities, which the school has strongly upheld. Touching the minds and hearts of students, I see how the IB Learner Profiles, values and attitudes, resonate in the students’ actions as each one finds ways in accepting theirs and other person’s uniqueness. This is a journey we all join together. Dedicatedly holding the helm like the captain on a ship, the steering wheel will not move if the marine engineers and everybody in the crew were unable to set the gears. Thus, I truly believe that open-communication and home-school collaboration between the teachers, students and parents ensure educational progress that leads to success. TEAMWORK is the key to success.

I thank all of you for the opportunity to serve Okinawa International School and welcoming me as part of your learning community.