International Baccalaureate国際バカロレア

Okinawa International School became the 20th IB school in Japan and the only accredited International Baccalaureate World School in Okinawa.

What is International Baccalaureate

"IBO has it’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland; it has a high-quality international education curriculum that is recognized all over the world and Japanese Ministry of Education and Science donates subsidy to IBO every year.
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International Baccalaureate PYP(Primary Years Programme)

International Baccalaureate MYP ( Middle Years Programme)

The International Baccalaureate program is divided into PYP (Primary Years Program: from 3-year-old to Grade 6), MYP (Middle Years Program: Middle School) and DP (Diploma Program: High School). As of July 2012, there are143 countries, 3,463 IB schools, 1,044 million students worldwide, in which 37 schools (14 PYP schools, 7 MYP schools and 16 DP schools) are the authorized in Japan.



Features of International Baccalaureate program (IB) is a cross-curricular program. Instead of teaching each subject independently like the education we have received. IB curriculum is interdisciplinary; all the teachers engage in curriculum development together in order to bring relevant and important elements into the syllabus from across each subject--science, math, geography, social studies, history, P.E., etc. In such learning environment, Children will be able to inquire knowledge and skills deeply through thinking deeply in various perspectives and through inquiry approaches. How to think and act by themselves is incorporated into the class activities. The students understand what they are learning is not for the tests or entrance exams but to develop real international minds that enable them to communicate with other people. IB curriculum is challenging the high intellectual level while educating students to deepen international understanding and become a responsible member of the global community. Consequently, we develop the students’ ability to think critically and ethically, to express themselves freely, to do researches, to understand different cultures and to think and act without prejudice. In the English-speaking nations such as the United States and Australia, IB schools are rapidly increasing recent years. It means that education in English is not crucial. What is crucial is the fact that IB Programs are playing a very important role to educate children who can contribute themselves to the country's future in the information society in the midst of globalization. In Japan, people tend to think International School means English. However, philosophy and curriculum of IBO is founded on teaching/learning history, language and culture of the country where the school has been established to develop global mind and international understanding.

Human resource development of Okinawa can be done mainly through human interaction and international understanding. Okinawa International School is certificated by the International Baccalaureate Organization and will keep on providing an educational environment in which students can receive world high level education even in a small island like Okinawa and will continue to create new human resources while further enhancing the quality of global education.