At the threshold of the 21st Century, the school moves with the challenges of the new era in its academic service to keep up with the advances in technology, exponential growth in information and globalization. The content and pedagogy that all learning experiences in Okinawa International School (OIS) are founded on is the philosophy that each person has infinite possibilities and unique circumstances. Each child is gifted with the capacity for self- actualization which will enable him to contribute positively to the social transformation of the national and global community.


Okinawa International School commits itself to providing an integral and holistic education that addresses the development of the child as a whole being: intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. The school is dedicated to providing its students with a learning environment that puts emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills to equip the child to respond to real life situations as a national and global citizen.


With lifelong skills, competencies and inner strength of character, Okinawa International School envisions that its learners will be able to appreciate cultural diversity of people of various ethnic backgrounds while at the same time taking pride in their own lineage, culture and heritage. This view of themselves and the world will propel them to work towards attaining a national and global community that is prosperous, just, compassionate and humane.


▲ 2004.7-PRESENT PYP Campus
▲ 2012.4-PRESENT Middle School Campus

In April 2003, with 10 teachers and staff and 12 infants an opening ceremony was carried at the facility which used to be a nursery facility in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture. It was the beginning of a big challenge of the small school in Okinawa. It aims to establish not as an American School but as an International School in Okinawa. The school had surely grown and it had to be moved to the current Elementary building two years later. Elementary department was established in April 2006. Middle school was established in April 2012. In July 2011, OIS became the only authorized International Baccalaureate School in Okinawa. This IB PYP certification is greatly

appreciated since the educational environment of OIS is where the majority of the students learn English as a second language.

Student body consists of those from Okinawa and mainland Japan, Korea, the Philippines, India, Switzerland, and the United States. Mutually recognizing each other's differences and respecting one another, students will continue to grow, while helping one another.

All the teachers in OIS have teaching certificates and they are hired from abroad and Japan. Our teachers approve and support the International Baccalaureate education and have repeatedly participated in several teacher training workshops. Staffs also participate in the workshops to understand the IB education and provide support to the parents.