The PYP develops students’ international-mindedness and positive attitude for studying. Students enjoy inquiring, learning more about learning and how they could make use of what they learned. They find personal authentic connections that lead to better understanding of concepts; they become reflective about the problems in the society, develop themselves physically, intellectually and mentally as they imbibe the attributes of the IB learner profile.

The Programme of Inquiry is the most critical feature in the Elementary curriculum. It consists of six themes and has a balance of each subject. The transdisciplinary themes are:
- Who We Are
- Where We Are in Place and Time
- How We Express Ourselves
- How the World Works
- How We Organize Ourselves
- Sharing the Planet
Students are guided by the teachers to develop their inquiry and higher level of thinking skills.


OIS is not a “school” which is approved by the Ministry of Education. If the student has Japanese nationality, he/she must be enrolled in public school first, and then they will learn at OIS. Attendance, grade reports of the students are reported to the public schools on a regular basis from OIS.

*Class contents, class schedule, report cards, attendance records, annual schedule, etc.

Characteristics of OIS Elementary

Elementary students use various kinds of approaches and references to learn about their Programme of Inquiry. Educational Outbound Trips or EOTs take place about twice or thrice in a Unit of Inquiry. They have classes to develop literacy and mathematical skills. A PYP EXHIBITION culminates the sixth grade students’ years in the elementary. To celebrate their learning, they choose the transdisciplinary theme, make action plans, conduct their own research and present their findings and actions to the school and the community.