Primary Years Program

We introduce International Baccalaureate Primary Program (PYP) from 3-12 years old. Through a cross curriculum, children are encouraged to learn proactively. The activities for the classes are planned and thoroughly executed.
OIS supports children to make the best use of this program.

Complying with IB curriculum, all materials are carefully selected. Teachers collaboratively study and make teaching plans based on the meaningful real-life situation of students.
Our teaching concept is a student centered curriculum based on IB and not from the textbooks used in regular schools. .

In UOI, students connect their daily life and events in the world. They inquire about the theme and study through cross curriculum.

In this class, all subjects such as English, Math, Music, Art and Computer are integrated. Students cultivate their abilities as they study each theme universally. On this curriculum, students are developed to be an ideal learner with a healthy attitude and a desirable behavior.

Class Schedule

Owlet class 3-year-olds

In Owlet Class, we continue to develop students’ communication skills. They begin to use English naturally in various learning experiences. Throughout the year, students will change remarkably and wonderfully.

Mon Math/UOI
Thu Math/UOI
Fri Fun day・UOI/Japanese

Eaglet Ⅰ Class 4-year-olds

We encourage students to solve problems with confidence. They learn to express themselves and socialized with others while working as a team during activities and play.

Tue Math/UOI
Thu UOI/Music/Art
Fri Fun day/Japanese/Computer

Eaglet Ⅱ Class 5-year-olds

Focusing on dictation, 5-year-olds engage in reading and writing English, every day in class. These are very important tasks to prepare them for elementary school. In addition, they will also develop an ability to think deeply through a variety of activities and experiences.
Teachers will expand the students' bilingual ability (in English and Japanese), the students are also provide an introduction to information communication technology in the computer class and iPads.

Mon UOI/Phonics
Tue UOI/Math,Japanese
Thu UOI/Computer
Fri Fun day/Music
Time schedule
07:30-08:45Drop-off Time
09:00-09:30Circle Time
09:30-09:45Recess time
09:45-10:00Toilet time
10:00-11:00Morning Class Activity
11:00-11:20Free Play and Preparation for Lunch Time
12:30-12:45Free Play
12:45-12:55Toilet time
13:00-13:45Afternoon Class Activity
14:00-15:00Dismissal Time (free play)