OIS will develop human resources with a global view that is based on their own language and culture. By solving problems, showing rich wisdom and creativity and encouraging students to participate actively in the community, we promote a positive attitude toward learning in the part of the students. The students reflect on the real world by providing a framework that allows students to understand the connection of each subject. OIS will support the development of student communication skill, facilitate language acquisition, inquiring mind, and comprehension of the contents and interconnectedness of different disciplines.
By practicing and internalizing the learner profile, we will help our students develop their holistic and well balanced personality.

Middle school is composed of eight subjects and is connected through five interactions that provide the framework for studying the subjects in an interdisciplinary way. Five interactions consist of the following elements:
- Approaches to learning
- Community and service
- Human ingenuity
- Environmental issues
- Health and social education
For required courses, students need to learn their mother tongue, second language, humanities, science, math, art, P.E and Information Technology.


OIS is not a “school” which is approved by the Ministry of Education. If the student has Japanese nationality, he/she must be enrolled in public school first, and then they will learn at OIS. Attendance, grade reports of the students are reported to the public schools on a regular basis from OIS.

※Class contents, class schedule, report cards, attendance records, annual schedule, etc.

Characteristics of OIS Middle School

1. Holistic learning
Learning based on the recognition that all knowledge is interrelated
2. Multi-cultural understanding
By developing an international perspective throughout the school (students, parents, teachers and staff) with a recognition that respecting their own culture as well as other cultures fosters international mindedness.
3. Communication
Recognizing the importance of open and effective communication and acquire the skills.