Physical, intellectual and psycho-somatic growth and development of a child is rapid at this stage. In order to develop the whole being of the child, we are aiming at a goal appropriate for each child, according to his/her ability, to do daily things independently around him/her, such as eating, changing clothes, using toilets, etc. in English-speaking environment.
In OIS, we focus on “the way of thinking and learning based on the intellectual curiosity and the inquiry of children" in order to help them with intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Teachers ask children” why?” "How come?" and watch their process of growth and learning affectionately, and they observe how children think, feel, try, and find ideas by themselves. Teachers always make sure to give a safe, comfortable and happy environment for children and that they enjoy their time with us at OIS.

Class schedule

Cygnet Class(2-year-olds)

Teachers promote children to be independent and creative. Children use their five senses and learn various things while exploring the things around them. They develop different skills such as self-help skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills through different activities in a supportive environment.

07:30-08:45Drop-off Time
08:35-08:50Toilet time
08:50-09:00Preparation for the Circle Time
09:00-09:30Circle Time
09:30-09:45Toilet Time
09:45-10:00Snack Time
10:00-10:30Morning Class Activity
10:30-11:00Free Play
11:00-11:15Toilet time
11:15-11:30Preparation for Lunch Time
12:15-12:50Brushing and Dressing Time
12:50-13:00Toilet time
13:00-13:30Afternoon Class Activity
13:30-13:40Storytelling Time
13:55-14:00Dismissal time
Monday Park Da
Tuesday Literacy
Wednesday Physical Education
Arts and Crafts
Thursday Numeracy
Friday Fun Friday
Monday Exploration
Tuesday Language
Wednesday Practical Life
Thursday Fine Motor Skills Activity
Friday Japanese Class