School Lifeスクールライフ


OIS holds a variety of events throughout the year in order to develop students’ independence, the spirit of cooperation and sociability.
There are entrance and graduation ceremonies in the beginning and the end of the year respectively. Sports Festival and school play are also big events. Students also attend the Japanese events actively to learn and experience the importance of Japanese culture.
Summer camp for two nights and three days is held for Elementary Department. School trips are made twice a year which are planned, prepared, and run mainly by students. It is a very good opportunity to learn leadership and team management while coaching the junior students. All events are to be student-centered and each event is closely linked to their daily class.
Open school twice a year and conferences have a very important role for parents to understand what they are inquiring and what’s child(ren) learning at OIS.


Entrance ceremony and Graduation ceremony

OIS holds entrance ceremony in April. All the students will attend the ceremony and celebrate the enrollment and renew the pledge toward the new goal. Parents will also attend the ceremony and this will be their first opportunity to meet and talk to the other guardians. After the entrance ceremony there is an orientation provided by the class advisers.
The graduation ceremony will take place in March. The graduation ceremony of kindergarten and Elementary Department will be performed. There will be students graduating from Middle School few years later.
While some students attend public elementary schools, private elementary schools after graduating from kindergarten, about 80% of graduates are enrolled in the OIS Elementary School. I believe there is an increase in the number of parents who want their children to continue the International Baccalaureate program.

After graduating from Elementary school, students could attend public, private middle schools, or continue attending the OIS Middle School to receive IB education. We are going to increase more private middle schools inside and outside Okinawa that would accept our students recommended by OIS.

OIS will create up to Diploma Program of IB program that consists of PYP (Primal Year Program), MYP (Middle Year Program), DP (Diploma Program). We educate our students so as to further challenge to achieve big dreams in the college after graduating from DP.