Many Thanks to Ms. Natsumi Higa!!

過日 比嘉心南さん(Grade 3クラス)の伯母様 比嘉菜摘さんから、英語教材等たくさんのご寄付をいただきましたのでお知らせいたします。
比嘉さんは、長年 嘉手納基地内のSTEARLEY HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLに教師として勤務されており、以前比嘉さんの生徒とOISの生徒たちが当校で交流会を持った際にもご尽力下さいました。


We received various kinds of donation from Ms. Natsumi Higa for our library; She is Konami Higa’s aunt and Konami belongs to the 3rd Grade class.

Ms. Higa has been working as a teacher for many years in STEARLEY HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Kadena Air Force Base.  She also helped us few years ago when our students had an exchange program with their students at OIS.
She contributed picture books, fiction books for primary and secondary students, reference books, readings for professional developments, materials of the decoration in the classroom, and many others, summing-up to more than 200 English books.
These books are additional collection for our school library, so this is really great news to all of us.  Her support is gratefully received and I am working steadily to register these books into our Library Management Database system.
Thank you very much Ms. Higa!