The Book of Halloween

Let's enjoy the Halloween books!!

    Title:  The Halloween       Author: Jane Bull
Outline:  50 creepy crafts for a hair-raising Halloween

Title:  The Halloween Parade    Author: Rosemary Wells

 Title: Spookier Than a Ghost    Author: Karen Gray Ruelle

  Contents: 1. Something Spooky  
                     2. Jack-o'-Lanterns
                     3. A Dinosaur                
                     4. Trick-or-Treat

           Title:  Halloween         Author: D.J. Herda

  Contents:  1. How Halloween Began
                      2. Halloween Around the World
                      3. A Witch, a Cat, and Things Like That
                      4. Trick or Treat?

        Title: National Geographic Kids (Magazine)

   Contents:  Halloween pet parade
                       Game on!
                       Haunted New Orleans
                       Flying Fox Rescue
                       Egyptian Myths
                       That's Creepy!
                       Crazy Jack-o'-Lanterns! ........ and more.....