Summer program(第1セッション)

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Fun Program  ~Play- Based Math and Science~

2-3 years class (2-3歳児クラス)
Our week is packed with fun and excitement as we learn to unravel the mystery behind the math and science of things around us. You little ones started their week by making a grand father clock. Fine motor skills has been practiced as they tear pieces of colored papers to decorate their box. Counted the numbers on the actual clock and resembled it by pasting numbers on their own box.
Science at work was highlighted during the Dry Ice Magic day. First there was a background information and safety lesson on dry ice. Instead of melting dry ice turns directly into carbon dioxide hence giving a magical effect when added with warm water.
Trick began with the disappearing ice, the children were mesmerized with the white smoke that came out from the cylinder as warm water was added. And who can forget the burping, bubbling, smoking bubbles? All of them went ballistic when they popped the bubbles and realized that white smoke came out from it. Their joy were priceless!
The week ended with a treat by going to Tomigusuku beach. On the bus, they had the pleasure of seeing variety of aircraft, trucks and monorail. A sight worth remembering. At the beach, they discovered corals and small shells. We didn't just brought back wonderful memories but also sand into their pet bottles. Back in school, they learnt the basic concept of density.
When we poured the water into the bottle with the oil, the water sinks to the bottom and the oil floats to the top. This is the same as when oil from a ship spills in the ocean. The oil floats on top of the water. Oil floats on the surface because water is heavier than oil. Water is more dense than the oil, and this is why the oil won't drop into the bottom of the water unlike the sand. In the end, they saw a mini picturesque view of the sand, beach and sky.


3-4 Years old (3-4歳児クラス)

The Owlet Class ( 3- 4 years old) were mesmerized by the different Science experiments they conducted for five exciting days. Experiment No. 1 was  about Solution and Water Density using sand, sugar and salt of same amount being dissolved in a cup of water. Right after it Owlet students tested which solution did egg float. Experiment No. 2 was on Chemical Reaction and Surface Tension using mainly of balloons, baking soda, vinegar, detergent, and pointed bamboo sticks. Students' faces were undoubtedly amazed of how balloons get inflated without blowing and how they pierced a balloon without popping it. Experiment No. 3 was about Chemical Reaction observing basic idea of volcanic eruption. This activity engrossed the students all  the way to the surprising results. In addition, their Math learning was absolutely engaging! They had so much fun with all the activities designed before them. They got themselves off on math games, counting numbers in increasing and decreasing ways. They did manipulatives for matching numbers corresponding to the realia. Some worksheets were given to assess how best they've learned! It was a great learning summer for these witty and bubbly kiddos!  

























Academic Program Session 1(7/27~7/31)

Class A (Teacher Marilyn)
We just finished our First Session of our Summer Program with a theme “Read and Cook”.  We had fun and memorable experiences this first session.  They’ve learned different skills in reading, communication and writing. They also worked on improving their vocabulary words in English, prepared and cooked the two most famous foods from the Philippines namely, pancit and pork adobo with boiled eggs.  I am really proud of my students, despite the language barrier, they still took the risk and tried to communicate with the teacher using the English language. Great job students!
“Read and Cook”というテーマで行なってきたサマープログラムの第1セッションが終了しました。この第1セッション中、お友達と一緒に楽しく、そしてかけがえのない思い出となる経験をしました。子供たちは、読む力、コミュニケーション力、書く力の異なったスキルを学び、パンシットとゆで卵付き豚肉のアドボというフィリピン料理を代表する2つの料理を準備する過程において、英語の単語力を身につけました。私は、日本語と英語という言葉の壁がありながら、日本語を話すことが出来ない先生に何かを伝えようと、リスクを恐れず挑戦した子ども達を誇りに思います。

Class B (Teacher John)
Session 1 Academic class B was a manifestation that the integration of reading, math, and cooking could have lots of fun for kids of different citizenships. It was indeed a fantastic experience when students demonstrated what they brainstormed on verbs used for cooking! They also had an engaging tour at the grocery store where they bought their ingredients. Their first- hand experience of making fruit jelly was an enriching activity. They also had a guessing game about fruits and vegetables. In a week, the students realized the importance of kitchen safety, teamwork, healthy lifestyle, and organization. Indeed, the students felt satisfied after they had eaten the fruit jelly they prepared!

Session 1 Class C (Teacher Cecil)
Integrating reading, writing, listening, speaking, planning, budgeting, cooking, baking and improvising ways to a new feeling of confidence— these are amongst the skills the class C learned with Teacher Cecil in Session 1. In just one week, students realized the importance of kitchen safety, teamwork, healthy lifestyle, and organization. They also had an enriching tour at the grocery stores where they bought their ingredients. With their groupmates, they unlocked some new vocabularies such as cooking verbs, unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, and cooking utensils.  They also read and shared riddles about fruits and vegetables which according to them sharpened their thinking skills. Indeed, students felt satisfied and fulfilled after they had eaten the chocolate cake they baked, the spaghetti they cooked, and the fruit juice and vegetable salad they prepared. Lastly, they reflected on the whole week activities and agreed that learning while cooking was indeed fun and exciting!