Summer Program(第2セッション)

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Fun Program

2-3 Years old Class (2-3歳児クラス)
Hi Parents!
What do you say to our little ones` masterpieces? We put up a nature inspired mural, which we used as a back drop in our class picture. Variety of materials and approach were used to create that mural. For instance, the birds in flight; those were fallen leaves that we collected during our park day. A practice of fine motor skills when we had to crumple those white and blue crepe paper to make fluffy clouds. And do you notice something familiar with those colorful flowers? Those were their own hand prints! A lovely work of art!
Mr. Crab with his pincers - is a handprinted craft with a sensory feel to it since we have added sand. Sand used in this craft was scooped from Tumigusku beach during our visit. The children love to fit their tiny hands onto the crab, and the tactile feel of the sand.
And what better way to end the session than to have a weekend party!
Yes, that`s right, a mini party in Cygnet class! We prepared fruit jellies and played with our homemade pinata. There was so much laughter and shrill when they finally opened the pinata and saw the goodies and treats pouring out for them to bring home.
A summer worth remembering indeed!
Wishing you all a happy weekend! 
Teacher Gev and Teacher Aya​
サマープログラム 第二週シグネットクラス保護者各位
夏は楽しい思い出がいっぱいですね。 ご家族の皆様で、どうぞ楽しい週末をお過ごし下さい。
Teacher Gev and Teacher Aya

3-4 Years old Class (3-4歳児クラス)

4-6 Years old Class (4-6歳児クラス)
サマースクール2ndセッションはArt and Craftsということで、子どもたちは英語環境の中で様々なアート作品を作りました。子どもたちの1日は、まずウォームアップのダンス、ゲーム、それから午前中のアートのアクティビティをしましす。昼食後に自由遊びをして、その後に午後のアートアクティビティをしました。今週のアクティビティでは、特に切り絵や、吹き矢とモンスターの工作が楽しかったようです。来週はMusic and Danceです!!身体をおもいっきり動かして、ダンスや歌を楽しみましょう!!